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The illustrators are highly visualising experts who can understand, think and imagine your requirement or product. The team uses various tools to put it onto paper the imagined idea which can be then modified and developed further into a full-fledged illustration. We teach our team imagination and visualising the product rather than tracing.

We work with sketches, 3D models, CGMs, JPEG and even Photographs to pour life to the illustrations. We have good experience working with 3D modeling softwares to work on the given samples and produce various exploded views in alignment to the client and Manual requirements.

Legacy Data Conversion

TES engineers bring back the legacy documents into useful and latest standards by converting and upgrading them to the latest standards. We claim that we can work with everything starting from the hand drawn sketch to photograph to paper drawings to old print media. The converted drawings and documents would suffice the manufacturing and serviceability requirement for the engineers in your organization. Regardless of the condition of your documents, we will take that information and provide our customers with electronic media/editable formats that are current and relevant to their product.